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Industrial photography covers a wide range of subjects, environments and business types. Pretty much, it’s everything but personal photography. It’s architectural, med-tech, aerial, product as well as construction photography.

It is more business-specific than general commercial photography. We only work with businesses. We create images that help sell your products, services and expertise to other companies.

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Aerial photography in and around Boston. Providing high resolution images for marketing. The original Boston Aerial Photography Service. Providing high resolution aerial images in and around Boston for decades.

Boston Aerial creates views from above with pinpoint accuracy.

The original Boston Aerial is the area’s number one aerial image provider.

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3D Illustrations for Manufacturing
CNC, Swiss Turn, Med-tech, Injection Molding & other industrial fabricators. We can work from your sample or your line drawing. Choose any finish or color. Options for multiple angles and sizes.

Simple or complex. We can illustrate your parts with the sheen and surface you either have or want to have. Any color, any size any perspective.

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Your work is making a huge difference for us and in particular me. I mostly just copy and paste stuff, but our ads and literature are sooo much more professional using your pics. Your ideas and work are greatly appreciated. Lastly, I created my T3 hand out last week. I used the pictures and logo that you created. I gave a copy of it to Clay and his jaw was on the ground about the way it looked. He took it with him and showed everybody that had a pulse.


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Boston Industrial Photographer

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Boston Industrial photographer

Wayne Dion & Co. Industrial Photography, Video Production, Aerial Photography and 3D Illustration

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